Centre Stand

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Can anyone tell me where I can find a centre stand for my 1973 750 Norton reasonably priced. Not listed in Walridge or M.A.P.
Part # 063051
Thanks. Chuck
What do you consider reasonably priced? The '71-73 750 Commando stand is pretty weak. If you use one, never kickstart the bike on the stand. The 850 style is a bolt on replacement and is much stronger. New, these are about $100-$115 from most of the usual suspects. Used from eBay or swap meet, you can generally pick them up for $50-$60. The weaker 750 style I would not give more than $25-$30 for a used one that is not bent or re-welded. These are only good for a complete restoration.

If you are dead set on a 750 style, PM me I probably have one out in the shop.

Ron L
Center Stand

I have an 850 stand on my 750and while it was still new set it up on a mill and bored out the holes to 26mm for sealed ball bearings. This is mentioned in the tech digest vertion 3 chapter 4 page 8. It makes it real easy to put the bike up and won't loosen over time. norbsa
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