Buyers remorse and Anxiety

These days I assume every bike is a bunch of bad surprises assembled by a gorilla so no buyer's remorse, just happiness when I'm wrong. Took a while to get to this point - used to expect better than I got.

The last time I didn't take one all apart I ended up spending more time than if I had. So, I'm cured of that too - don't even try to start them - just all apart and see what I've really got to work with.
Its not complicated nor an "anxiety" issue, not to me anyway.

I am not buying a "classic" anything and riding or driving it nor assuming anything reliable or safe about it.
There is absolutely now way I am trusting any vehicle that has seen who knows how may previous owners and modifications.

Trust no one and go through it yourself.
All of it.
Plan for the worst and hope for the best.
Learn everything you can regarding the potential purchase and figure out a budget.
Double the budget.
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