Boyer Power Box

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Jerry Doe

May 21, 2003
Happy Holidays all,

I am finally getting my Commando back together. :p

I have a Boyer Powerbox Part no. PBOX00108 and single phase alternator. I have never used one and have some questions for those who know:

1) Do I have to use boyer ignition too with this system?

2) I would prefer to not have a battery and wire it up for that option. Will my lights work? I dont plan on much night riding, but you never know..

3) Is it better for neg ground for any reason?

If you have a power box how does it work for you?

Thanks for any feedback. May santa bring you Norton gifts!

Jerry Doe said:
1) Do I have to use boyer ignition too with this system?


Jerry Doe said:
2) I would prefer to not have a battery and wire it up for that option. Will my lights work? I dont plan on much night riding, but you never know..

Yes it should work, although starting could become more difficult if an electronic ignition is fitted, and the complete electrical system will be running straight off the generator which relies on revs for output. I've never seen much point in running battery-less personally.

I run a boyer power box in my featherlastic, with boyer ignition, all on negative ground. The boyer ignition is NOT required to run the power box. I believe the box has a somewhat large internal capacitor that allows you to run without battery much as the lucas 2mc capacitor did on all the old brit stuff. I ran without battery for a while, but the bike would often stall at low rpms. I believe this to be more of a function of the electronic ignition loosing timing, causing the stall and not the power box. I added a small 2.5 amp rechargeable electronic backup type battery into the system which eliminated the stalling problem.

Don't believe you'll have any problems running without battery if you are using points ignition
If running without battery at night, engine will stall at tickover if using electronic ignition. I dont know about points, but lights will dim drastically & indicators may stop flashing. pod or neg ground doesnt matter. Why do you want to get rid of battery?

I am now thinking I will run the powerbox with boyer electronic ignition or lucas rita ignition and a battery. I was using a small Yuasa dry type battery before that worked well.

I was considering running without the battery as I dont ride the Commando as much anymore as I'm charging around on my Rocket 3 daily. I probably take the Commando out every 2 or 3 weeks for a blat.

Thanks for the feedback!

With a 47 Vincent , 52 Vincent and 75 Norton , this is why I looked at, but did not purchase a Rocket 3.
I like the look of the bike, and 147 foot lbs of torque sounds just about right, however it might be tough to do a three thousand mile trip on my 60 year old Vincent after riding something this modern. Ignorance is bliss. When I am on the Vincent, in my mind, it is still the "World's Fastest Standard Motorcyle" as it was for a full twenty years after end of production and the Norton is still the "World's first sub 13 second quarter mile bike"
Modern bike verses classic

Hi WornTorn,

That is exactly what happened to me.

About 3 years ago I purchased a Triumph Sprint ST. Prior to that I had only ridden classic Commando's and Bonnevilles on a regular basis. Obviously worked on them often too.

I had no idea what a modern bike was like t'ill the ST. I rode it like a nut it stood up to all my hammering. I rode it everyday for work. After spending some time for reflection and a speeding ticket I decided I had to slow down a bit. So I thought sitting upright like on the Rocket would do the trick [bought one a year ago]. I was wrong. I am now riding the Rocket to its full capacity. It runs well.

I live in Southern California. Here, there are idiots everywhere on the phone in SUV's etc. After riding my Commando for so long on the freeways and other conjested roads. I think I am lucky to be alive. [I used to ride Commando fast everywhere everyday here]. I grew up in Essex England blatting around in the countryside. Now here there are street lights everywhere. My tuned Commando hates stopping!

The new theory is using the Rocket for work during the week to continually leave everything behind me and it seems to work, of course there more of em in front.

So I am almost finished an extensive rebuild on the Commando. It has been re-engineered for weekend rides, when there is less traffic, over in the mountains and desert about an hour away from my home.

Kim takes the car so bike is my only wheels. If you dont need to ride everyday and can choose when you ride you should use your Commando or Vincent!

I would love to post some photos and more info about your Vincents and Commando on the site if you would like to email me them?

BTW-- Where do you live?

All the best -- Jerry
Hi Jerry

I live in Langley BC, just outside of Vancouver. We have taken the Vincent down to the N California Vincent rally in Nevada City Ca a couple of times, but would like to go a bit further south next time around.
I'll get some photos together and email them to you.
I really like the look of those Rocket 3s, and the go, I saw one take off with a group of Harleys, it shot past them like it was fired out of a gun.
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