Boyer ignition/Sparx alternator

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Mar 27, 2006
Does anyone have a wiring diagram of a before and after Boyer ignition installation?? I have a boyer set-up on a 75 commando and added a Sparx alternator. Started right up, lasted 5 miles, then procedded to backfire, and die----prompting the 12th time I've had to get the truck and bring it home.
My problem is that no one tells you how to deal with zener diodes, rectifier, capacitor, solenoid wires after installing sparx and boyer. What happens to the no longer neeeded wiring? do I detach them?? or do I just let them join into the mob of excess wiring in hopes that more shorting will occurr???
Also, how about a wiring diagram of before/after sparx 3 phase alternator??
If one of 3 wires out of stator shorts to crankcase cover, what happens?
Any advise can only help[/i][/b]
The Sparx three phase alternator kit wiring seems to be fairly straightforward, there should be three wires from the stator that run to yellow wires from the Sparx regulator/rectifier unit that is part of the kit, also a positive and negative wire from the reg/rec that connects to the wiring harness. I don't know how the Mk3 ignition warning light control unit should wire up though? Also note that resistor plugs (or possibly plug caps?) must be used with the Sparx box. ... _inst.html
Fitting the regulator /rectifier unit means that the original rectifier and Zener diode (two diodes on 850 Mk3) are disconnected and can be removed, and the wiring connectors taped and then taped or tied back to the harness.

Fitting the Boyer Bransden ignition means that the points plate and auto advance are removed (fairly obvious I suppose?), the condensors and ballast resistor are disconnected and can be removed and the white/purple wire from the starter solenoid is no longer required. Wire up as per the instructions you should have received with the kit.
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