Bought a bike....

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Dec 23, 2009
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Just bought this because 'I needed it'.
Bought a bike....

Mk2a in vgc for £4000. Not as good close up and will need new siliencers and a few bits of chrome in time but reckon it's a straight bike. Mudguards aren't original and back light assy but I like the Corbin seat and aim to get the bike sorted for riding and not be a showbike.

Will be asking a few questions on here :D
great choice, of bike. You're sure in the right palace for norton knowledge, excluding myself in that statement of course, but welcome.
Nice lookin' bike. Price seems right by US standards, does that mean it was a steal in the UK? Looks like some nice alloy wheels and upgraded brake too.
Yes, i think it was decent buy. I was looking at another on evilbay that was a stright bike but ha none std yeelow paintwork, wrong headlamp shell and a rusty silencer. It went for £4750. Nice bike but I have £750 for starters there.
Bike has alloy rims, stainless spokes, boyer power box, new tank and panels (steel), big disc and a fir amonut of stainless. Clocks are Mk3 versions so I will either swop for some Smiths globe ones or convert (AT A COST OF AROUND £260 OUCH).

I am slowly going through and fettling the bike before riding it after having one for 11 yrs previously....

I had that moment last night thinking why did I buy this (and I know I shouldn't have done ) but I ended the evening with a smile on my face. They are such a handsome bike and I was always going to buy another. I have had many bikes and the two most memorable were the 850Mk1a and my Hailwood replica. For me there is no other bike with such torque and the 4 speed box; lazy motoring. When I had my first I raced a TZ350G and was a pretty decent racer. I only had the Commando as a road bike but used to really fly on that bike between the breakdowns...

In no rush to ride the bike until it's right but I am looking forward to reacquainting with an old friend. :D
welcome to the wealth of Norton knowledge forum :D
got some great minds on here to help with any hicups along the way.
so you bought this bike because you had to?
I like your thinking, I bought mine because I always wanted a Norton since I first saw one at age 8.
Mine is a combat!!
Nothing like the ride.
Kids ask me all the time what's a Norton?
They don't care about my touring dresser :cry:
Take the time to do it right will yield many enjoyable miles.
I've been out for 100+ mile day rides w/o any break downs.
I've logged 1600 miles so far since putting her back on the road.
The Queen is alive and well :mrgreen:
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