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Dec 27, 2005
i have a 1972 750 commando and for some reason it just doesnt want to start it will sputter as it is about to go but it wont fire and run a i have plenty of spark and fuel, the weather is a little cool hear atm and it is running 2 amals with velocity stacks and no chokes and uses a points ignition system can anyone tell me what the problem is?????
just put new gas in it to get it going plugs are around 1month old and have done about 70km i eventually got it started after working up a sweat i think it may just be a combination of bad timing wich i cant get wright as it pops everynow and again and no choke plus cold air, alos i changed oy right hand carby and it doesnt have a tickler so i have to put a small nail in the hole to flood the carby is there anyway to put one on the carby
Yes, inside the carb the bottom of the tickler is expanded to stop it coming out, gently unexpand it to release it, fit to the other carb and re-expand the end.
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