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May 19, 2009
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Any thoughts on the best sounding commando muffler? short/long peashooter or dunstall seems to be the current offering. First I've heard of any of them. This is my first english bike.
depends on what you are wanting to hear....I don't have any knowledge on the subject, but personally I want the quietest without affecting performance. Others may want the loudest or anywhere inbetween...
I guess it depends on what you want them to sound like. Mellow or loud? In my opinion, you don't want it sounding like your grampa's Honda. I like a nice, crisp, nasty bark with plenty of back pressure when you roll off the throttle and then fairly quiet and purring at idle. I'm running bone-stock peashooters on my '73. Here's an old post I remember reading:

To paraphrase Will Rogers "I never met a pair of long peashooters I didn't like". Regardless of brand they generally look right and sound right.
dave M said:
To paraphrase Will Rogers "I never met a pair of long peashooters I didn't like". Regardless of brand they generally look right and sound right.

I didn't think you were paraphrasing? I thought he actually said that...... :)
Now that you mention it slupdawg, I knew I'd seen the actual quote somewhere, however when Mr. Rogers was pressed for his opinion on the Norton 250 Jubillee he apparently issued a terse "No Comment"!
It does take something out of the equation when I rev one of my Goldwings and it goes Wheezee, Wheeze. The peashooters give such a nice poom poom sound without being obnoxious.
I wouldn't view that as a negative, Cookie. It's just one of the characteristics you'd expect from an excellent long-distance cruiser. Lot easier on the eardrums after a long day of riding. I just wouldn't like it on my Norton is all!
Hi Seaguy
I have a set of peashooters from Rgm that don't appear to have much inside...when you look through them you see straight through, but there is perforated walls where the pipe flares. They sound great..dunno if they are 'long' or 'short'...It's an 850 so I reckon long.
I also have a 650 Triumph with sweptback downpipes and 'Goldie' Silencers (long). They sound fantastic and have a similar construction.

You havn't bought a British bike to sound quiet...cant understand that I say get 'straight through' pipes.
The other thing to remember is this...
Long pipes mean deep booming notes, short pipes mean agressive raspy growls. Which do you preffer? Also remember that an engines state of tune is affected by the length of the pipe, so sticking to a similar length to original may men less messing around after with carb settings etc.

The only peashooters I've had that were awful sounding were made by Domi Racer. What a POS. Very restrictive too, I lost noticeable power. My current silencers are smooth weld Wassel and they're lovely.

I love it when the 850 growls on decel.
There are at least half a dozen "peashooter" muffler makers, and they each have thier distinct sound signature.

By the way, it was not WILL Rogers, it was Mr. Rogers of the soft voice on kid's morning TV fame who said, "speak softly, but ride a Norton with straight-through reverse cones".
Thanks for the opinions. Seems like the regular long peashooters is what I will be using.
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