BAD wet weather brake lag!

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Aug 28, 2005
Just returned from a very wet ride with some other Nortons over the hills from Wellington and experienced some really bad "buttock clenching" moments in a huge rain storm. I've got the 13mm M/C sleeve mod, Lockheed racing caliper plus braided hose which gives me brilliant two-fingered stopping in the dry. I've noticed brake lag in the wet before, but last night, hitting the front brake hard around 60mph/100kmh caused 10 seconds of absolutley nothing before the pads started to bite, and some really scary moments. I've got the standard disc/rotor still, but have never experienced it this bad I looking at a new drilled disc to get rid of the problem? Different pads? Anyone had it this bad on a standard disc? Cheers - Nick
FERODO pads are available in the new Platinum series for the Commando's seem to be the latest greatest. Vintage brake in CALF. has them.
Have you still got the chrome plate on it. They can be pretty bad in the wet.
I use a standard disc with the chrome skimmed off and it's gripped by a Brembo caliper and MC. It's very good in the wet, no lag.
I'd try skimming the chrome off as the first ( and cheapest) option.
That's not good. As PJ says have you still got any chrome on the disk? If not then the pads are likely glazed and need replacing. I use EBC's which are highly recommended. FA27 also good. You can drill the disc like I did with 80 x 7mm holes one boring! bank holiday and with the 13mm RGM conversion mine works well in the wet. Like NZ we get some rain here too!
I don't think it makes much difference to braking but with 20 x 13mm holes in the centre as well it took 3/4lb off the disc and makes a nice zizzing noise in the dry.
Thanks for all the input - good point on the chrome, this is probably the main culprit as the disk performs in the dry so I don't think I've got too much pad glazing. Ho hum - now do I skim the original or raid the piggy bank for an RGM disk........!
Cheers - Nick
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