Anyone need a seat / mufflers for Mark 3

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Sep 26, 2007
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I replaced my stock seat with a Corbin and the cone-type mufflers with peashooters a few months ago.

So i have a perfectly good seat and set of mufflers that are just sitting in my garage. Would sell them for a fair/reasonable price.

Send me a private message - i can take photos and send them.

Keith Kelly (Encinitas, CA)
I was told by Corbin that the seat that they do not have a seat that will fit a Norton even though they show one on the web site. How long ago did you buy yours? I think I read that you need to fashion a bracket to attach the seat. Could you post some pics of the Corbin seat install?
I have purchased 2 seats for my nortons from corbin. I log on to and click on the corbin california link, as I am in California, and order away. I purchased a new seat only a matter of weeks ago. I followed the order instructions on line, picked out my seat design (black on black on black) It does take a few weeks to fill your personal order, but it will show up at your door exactly as you ordered it. The fit is great, the installation is a piece of cake. The bracket fits to your upper shock mount bolts and snugs down a treat. I can post pics if needed.
Boz -

I second JD on this point. I bought my Corbin seat online at Very simple process. Had it on my doorstep 2 weeks later. Very simple installation - top quality product. No need to make a bracket - it comes with the seat. I bought mine in June 2007. I never talked to anyone at Corbin - just ordered online.

Piece of cake.

I'll say two things about Corbin; well, three things:

1. There is no better looking seat for the Commando, in my opinion.

2. They feel like bricks (only not as comfortable) when you sit on them, in my opinion.

3. If you order a standard seat that they stock, you'll be fine; if it's non-standard, go elsewhere.
The Corbin web site lists a seat for an 850 I have a 750. Is there a significant difference that would make the seat not fit?
The seat and tank have to be complimentary. An interstate tank requires different seat mounting tab location to be placed correctly.
posted photos of my seat and mufflers for sale

I posted photos on Flickr, as a couple of folks had inquired and asked for photos: ... 909056162/

Note: these are from my 1975 Commando Mark 3. They were on the bike when I bought it and I switched to a Corbin seat and peashooter mufflers - for purely personal preference reasons.

Seat is in near-new condition. No tears, no flaws, pan is perfect. Only slight imperfection is the fading of the Norton name on the back.

The mufflers are Campbells. They have a few marks on the underside, but look really good other than that.

Anyone interested, let me know. These are taking up space in my garage, and will be of more use to someone who can use them.

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