Anyone have a spare RH4 head?

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Jan 15, 2008
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I've got a prospective client looking for an RH4 head, anyone got a spare gathering dust?

I have a lead close by on a Combat head in FAIR shape, maybe work a trade if it interests you. Also have a couple of Domi heads and one more Commando head I can't seem to I.D.
I hope you have a fat wallet. An RH10 head just brought $1600 on fleabay. See item number 230257763149. There was a thread about it here recently.

Wow. I sold a serviceable RH10 head last year for $400.

Oh well...
Scalping goes on all over. It is always done by irresponsible individuals that just want to make a quick dollar. Eventually it ruins hobbies like ours (for example see what Barrett-Jackson is doing to the old car hobby). Grandpaul, don't feel bad for carrying on normal business. What you didn't enjoy by scalping, you'll enjoy by promoting longevity for the hobby.
I've got an excellent, I believe RH1, head, 750, 28.5mm intake I'd like to sell. No bent or broken fins. Third fins drilled for safety wire. Exhaust port threads in excellent shape. I would consider selling my Leo Goff prepared Combat head, also.
Let me know what you want for the Combat head as I am currently building a Combat motor. Chuck.
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