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Apr 7, 2008
Hi, I'm a new member but have been visiting the forum for a while.
Living in Sweden, unfortunately short summers but it is one advantage with the long winters, plenty of time for wrenching on the bike :D

Owns a 74 Interstate MK2A, low mileage, very few modifications.
Bought it early last summer and used it frequently with no problems, only an irritating unstable idle.

Even though the bike was low mileage, in good cosmetical condition, it was 33 years old and was in need of maintenance so I did the following this winter: new wheel bearings front and rear, new swing arm bushes/spindle and installed a Heinz Kegler kit, disassembled and cleaned the fork rebuilt it with new seals and long gaiters, serviced and adjusted front and rear isolastic, fixed the alternator, cleaned and measured the clutch stack, carbs refurbished including re-sleeved throttles, auto advance restoration, new 4.10-19 Avon front tire, etc, etc.
So now I hope to have a good enjoyable riding season!

Right now I'm working on tuning the engine and has ordered a Carbtune that I hope will help with the last fine tuning. Woke up this morning and we had 4 inches of snow so it won't be any test riding for the next day or two :D

Not open for further replies.