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Oct 25, 2007
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Hi Chaps - I have a 1974 920 MkIIA which was fitted with an ammeter by a previous owner (replaces the 'charging lamp). I find it quite useful but the needle swings violently when current draw changes e.g. when the indicators are flashing the needle flies about all over the place. Is it possible to get an ammeter witha :?: 'damped' needle action ?
What you can do is run the high current draw items such as horn/indicators etc. from a position before the ammeter = connected between the ammeter and the battery, (the horn certainly should not be connected to the circuit after the ammeter) so that the high current does not pass through the ammeter, or reconnect the ammeter at a different circuit position where these items will not affect it by drawing high current across it.

You could always consider fitting a voltmeter instead?

As a voltmeter will also tell you if the system is charging or not, and only needs to be connected from any live (ignition on) wire to Earth/Ground; -unlike an ammeter.
I had an Ammeter that was defective from new. Every 15 minutes it would heat up and the bike would die. It had me stumped until I figured it out and realized all the power for the bike got channeled through this one component. I didn't much like the idea of that and now run a volt meter.
Has anybody any idea where I can get a 12v Voltmeter suitable as a replacement for the standard Lucas Headlamp-Mounted ammeter on my Commando ? (Preferably in the UK) - I've looked all over the place to no avail. :?:
What I did was mount a larger gauge on a bracket from my handle bar mounts and fitted the ammeter hole with a clock from these guys -

It matches the face of the ammeter. I just hade to machine a carrier for it.
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