Amal to Mikuni upgrade

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Apr 15, 2007
Hello all,
My 1971 Commando 750 runs great, my problem is that I live in the northeast and come winter time the bike is a beast to kickstart. The original Amals are on the bike, though they have been resleeved and the choke has been removed. I bought it this way.My question is will converting to twin 34mm Mikuni`s make my cold start situation any better?Id like to keep the dual carbs, as the bike runs great with them.Any thoughts?
Thanks, Mike
How about just adding the chokes back to the Amal's? A bike that starts and runs well without a choke in the cold is too rich to run right. If you can't get Amal's to run well tuning Mikuni's will have you mad in no time. For every one adjustment on an Amal there are five on a Mikuni.
Mikuni's can be tuned to such a fine point that seasonal temperature changes will have them misfiring.
Two most common mistakes with Amal's unknown wear in the needle jet and or unknown air leaks at the manifolds. Also floats are the start of everything are your floats set as a perfect pair?
I live in Scotland (where it can get cold) I run 4 Commando's, 2 with single Mikuni's (easier to maintain & rip apart) and 2 with the original Amals. Cold starting I would say there is nothing in it, on a cold day you may have 2 or 3 goes before the bike runs sweet but flooding the Amals almost always gets the bike going first time (then sometimes it cuts out) I think I actually prefer the Amals for winter but I hardly ever use the choke. I'm going to a rally in a fortnight (camping & sure to be below freezing) so that'll be the test, starting in the morning after a cold wet ride and then lying outside probably in the snow all night.
Are you sure everything else is OK? Plugs, ignition, battery charged etc
Thanks for the input. I scrolled back thru some previous posts and found that I was not using the right technique.A little tickle for 3 or 4 seconds- NO THROTTLE- and she starts up fairly easy. I was cracking the throttle a little here and there, and flooding it out.It was 38 degrees out and the bike started after a few kicks.I love this bike!!

Thanks again, Mike
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