A peek into the chicken house

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Aug 11, 2006
A peek into the chicken house

A peek into the chicken house

Never know what you'll find in an old chicken house in Kansas, huh?

No, Debbie, I'm not a "collector". You aren't a real collector 'till you have a dozen, are you? :lol:

Thanks, you guys are a fun read and a true wealth of practical information as well!

Kansas, America
Nortons, Triumphs, a BSA and no goats or chickens
Hi Kanlimey,
so what sort of chickens do you keep, the hatchlings seem quite healthy. Do you sell the eggs?
Hi Roy-
they're a special British breed of chicken, I reckon. A couple of them are fried, but none have laid an egg on me yet!

Kansas, America
A good selection there!

You'll be busy getting all that lot ready for the spring!
KANSAS, isn't that where Dorothy comes from, i'll bet this is what lives at the end of the Yellow Brick Road :)

Hi Folks-
Thanks, L.A.B. Most of them just need a good bath to be ready. Ths SS and the R need completes, gathering parts as I run across them. The Hi-Rider is my last excursion into a-retentive restos. The black roadster is the "Mutt" that walked away from me and my Triumph, starting this whole mess. It had a cobbed- on solo seat and scruffy Interstate tank with Harley pullback handlebars and boloney mufflers when I got it(!). The red 70 Roadster I found in a goat barn (Literally!) and traded a '72 Bonneville for it. It was a Sportster tank, cobra seat, Bates square headlight abomination that I fortunately had enough original early roadster parts to take it back original. All but the Mutt have matching #'s. They've been collecting dust since I moved out there 2 years ago. they sat for 5 years before that while I was re-doing and selling houses to improve my lifestyle after a marital altercation.This latest 850 Roadster has gotten me going again, but as everybody knows, life can be full to the exclusion of some of the projects. Heck, I've got a '67 Bonnie coming up next (maybe, if I don't finish off that '67 Chevy pickup project, or finally get to those new cabinets for the kitchen, or.......) :lol:

Busy hands are happy hands!

Kansas, America
It all sounds like far too much work for one man and you'll never be able to ride them all at once.

Why not ship that nice SS over to me ? I've never even seen a real one (let alone thrashed the knackers off one !) :twisted:
Yes, looks like a special chicken coop indeed. Plenty to keep busy with for sure!

If it all gets to be too much, I could probably be persuaded to take one of those bikes off your hands. And I'm right next door in Colorado. We're practically neighbors!

Speaking of that, next year's INOA rally is in Torrey, UT. It should be a good one, and not too far away. Our club (Norton Colorado) will be running the field events. A good time virtually guaranteed!

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