850 centre stand - spacer orientation

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Jan 10, 2005
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Might seem a silly question but can someone with an 850 confirm which way round the stepped spacers go? Is the large diameter in the cradle or stand? Exploded views show small diameter in the cradle but Norton views have known to be wrong. Reason I ask is that mine came with oversized holes in the stand and cradle and due to wear I am now up to M14 bolts!! Also I only had a 0.30" wide spacer in the stand holes which were 3/4" diameter but I have now plugged, welded and in process of redrilling. Correct spacers just arrived from RGM so I can get on with this. They measure up at 0.677" and 0.558" dia. so I figure 11/16 and 9/16 clearance holes. Thanks.
Like yourself, I just received new spacers from RGM, but I bought a new stand as well (the old one 'has issues' as our Colonial Bretheren would say). The larger diameter mates with the holes in the stand.
I haven't checked them against the cradle yet, but I'm confident there will be a clearance with the smaller diameter of the spacer :roll:
Thanks for that, makes sense. Much better design than the plain spacer and if I size the cradle holes OK I guess it should be a snug fit with the bolts pulled up tight and stand pivotting around the spacer. My stand is kind of ok but is a little twisted. Have lived with it for 12 years and 28,000 but it would be nice to stop the rattles. Just need to locate some big drill bits now. Cheers.
Just a minor thing but it made me happy :D . I just fitted the correct top hat bushes in stainless and correct bolts to my redrilled 850 centre stand, losing the 14mm bolts and 3/4" bushes that have been there for years. What a revelation, the bike just slides up onto the stand with minimal effort. It always used to take quite a bit of technique, downward pressure on the stand foot etc and heave on the seat rail. Mind you, a few months ago I saw a Thames Valley member get his on the stand while astride the bike, just pulling back on the bars. He does have long legs though!
My centre stand just broke the other day and can I just say what a crap design it is! I just don't understand why you would design a system where the cradle, the stand and the bushes all wear out. I'm going to design something (still thinking about it) that will last much longer than the current system. Not for commercial purposes but the info will be posted when inspiration hits me. I love the sound of being able to put the bike on the stand while still seated on it! He must be a genius. However, with the standard system it just won't last.
Fullauto said:
I'm going to design something (still thinking about it) that will last much longer than the current system.

Lasting 30+ years isn't long enough???
L.A.B. said:
Lasting 30+ years isn't long enough???

I just KNEW you were going to say that.
You're right of course and I think the problems come from bodge jobs when they finally do need surgery. Having said that, I still want a better solution that just leaps up onto the stand of it's own accord when asked. Nothing wrong with a bit of healthy improvement.
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