73 roadster carb issues

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Jul 10, 2007
New to the forum but have gotten lots of help from you all restoring a 73 roadster for a friend. Thanks. First Norton for me. Rebuilt the Amals, all looked OK. In balancing for idle the left is working great but when I achieved a good fuel mix, burn, on the right and attempted to lower the rpm's as it was too high, as I uscrewed the slide stop screw, counterclockwise, etc. the rpms went from fast to slower but not enough, to faster. I had to screw it in clockwise to slow it but its at a little over 1000 and too high for my liking. I checked the throttle cables and have enough slack etc. At this idle I get a good quick snap in neutral and it revs up real nicely but under load it sputters and bogs down etc. on the right, it seems. I need to retard the Boyer some more as its reaching 31 btdc at 3000 rpm, but I think there is a carb issue. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave
Good Morning Dave,
It looks like you do indeed have a problem with the right hand carb. However, to give your self half a chance you must first set the ignition correctly before you attempt tune the carbs.
Hi Dave - Something else to look for...

An air leak can cause similar problems as well. The Carb mount flange can be warped due to overtightening &/or the orginal insulators (between the carb & head), can become porus.
Found my error

Guess I had a senior moment. Took off the right carb and found I had jammed the slide in not first hitting the jet hole right and it pushed up the needle and wedged the clip up about 1/4 inch in the spring. Just cant assume anything! All should be OK when I start it tomorrow. Thanks all. Dave
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