73 Norton Commando 850 Interstate MK II - Valuation

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Apr 23, 2007
Hello all,

I'm new to the forum, but plan on being an active member soon!

I had a question related to market value of a Norton Commando 850 MKII.

Attached are some pictures, i know it's hard to evaluate based just on pics. But ball park figure of what an excellent condition bike should run for would help. I'm looking to purchase the bike soon.

Thanks in advance!

Well it's been worked on to a high degree. I hope that's not chrome, and if it's alloy as stock there are about 100 hrs of polishing in this bike at least. Some nice mods Rita ing. and Bap petcocks If all that shiny is chrome it devalues the bike no matter the cost. I would ask, can't tell from the pictures. The Interstate model had it's own exhaust system and package rail, gone missing here. Everything looks worked on and if you like it and got to have it I would guess no less than 6000 US and no more than 11,000. that's if there's no chrome were it doesn't belong. Commando's have been climbing in price of late.
Thank you for your reply, I appreciate the feedback and knowledgeable information. I'll let you know what the seller has to say.

I've confirmed it's not chrome, the seller has all the original parts as well. I'm going to go through with it. I'm pretty excited. Anything else i should be watching out for?

Thanks again.

ps. stay tuned for some new pics!
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