4 valve seal?

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Sep 15, 2005
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Hi, while condemplating a January top end inspection of my Drouin supercharged /850 norton, I was reading the installation instructions on a pack of Norton, Total Seal piston rings. It says to us valve guide seals on the Exhaust valves also, not just the intake valves. (due to the extra gas sealing capabilities of the rings).
My question is , Has anyone had problems with seals on the Exhaust side?
Obviously it is much hotter on that side of a Norton head.
Also; ( For anybody with a Drouin )I'm going to dump the 40 MM Keihn C.V. carb and go with a new 40 MM Lectron with a power jet. Lectrons seem to be todays hot set up for M.C. :roll: drag racing and snowmobiles.
Bruce MacGregor RI
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