1972 Paint identification

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Hi All,

Can anyone tell me the "British Standard" colour of the Blue 1972 Interstate that is on the 1972 Catalogue ?

Or even the colour code would be good ?

This catalogue has "The front runners" as the heading.

Thanks in anticipation of solving this problem.
Hi All,

It would be VERY good if someone was able to post ALL the colour codes for the Commando :D

Thanks in anticipation !!!
Thanks Norbsa,
I did email as you suggested and this is the reply I received.
He tried to be helpfull.
Would anyone have Bill Albaughs' email address maybe?


I am a BSA preunit guy not a Norton guy and I had some BSA paint codes,
probably why NorBSA suggested you contact me (he might have thought I had
others). Bill Albaugh (my main Norton authority) probably has a code and
would share it if he did...I forgot his email but his phone is
931-967-2315 if you wanna try him!

I believe you can get the original colors from Poly Palmer at Brit-Tie in
the UK (they only sell and mail the paint, they wont give you the codes).

BSA A10 Super Rocket Website

'72 Interstate blue

To the original question, the color was called "French Blue" by Norton. That doesn't help your quest, though. To my knowledge the color was only used on the fiberglass interstate tanks starting with the '72 models and might have been used on '73 750s.

Since the color is not paint, rather pigment in the fiberglass gel coat, there won't be an original paint code available. To match you'll need a pristine, unfaded example so that a match can be made at a automotive paint shop. Someone out there may have already done this and could provide a number, but with many requests for Norton colors unanswered, it's not likely.
1972 Colour Blue

Thank you for your attempt at helping with Norton colours.
"French Blue" sounds a bit sexy 8), I like it.

Other people have sent me info via email also.

If you care to look at the bottom of this page link, you will see what I have accumalated so far. These colours may be correct/incorrect. I have yet to find out.


I used to think the same as you about this blue (that it was only in fiberglass gel coat) . I was corrected by someone who had a blue heavey on the flake on a metal Roadster. I was told the color was Pacific Blue. norbsa
DomiRacer has put 5 old aerosol cans of genuine Norton spray paint on eBay. This non-metallic blue is among them. Bid as of now is $17, buy it now is $23. The propellant is probably gone, but one could open these cans and get your local PPG (or DuPont or House of Kolor) distributor to match these colors in acrylic lacquer, enamel or whatever.

If you miss the auction, give Tony a call as they probably have more.
Ron L,

Thanks for the post.........

I have seen them advertising it & only just this morning sent them an email.
The cans may or may not have a code on them, I guess I will have to buy them to find out.

They r also selling quite a few cans for Triumph owners if you look at Sellers other items. $24 for 6 cans or so.
Having the original paint code is not likely to do much good. The formula to match this code is probably long gone from the refinish paint distributors books. And if it does exist the bases and tints do not. Your best bet is to get the original paint, apply some to a piece of metal and get the distributor to "read" the color with his spectrometer. Most major distributors have such a system which will give them the formula in current base and tints. The distributor can then make tiny adjustments to make a perfect match. He can give you the formula for future purchases.

Ron L (PPG employee)
color in the gel coat


The metalflake blue from '71 - '72 that went onto the fiberglass tanks coming to America was called Fireflake Royal Blue. That's listed in the parts manual.

I haven't played with the metalflake royal blue, roman purple or golden bronze fiberglass tanks, but have with all the non metallic colors. All of these were color in the gel coat - signal red, signal orange, canary yellow & black. I take it someone had an original tank in "pacific blue" that was paint? Keep in mind dealers in the US also repainted original tanks to meet customer demand.
This one is a solid non-metallic blue listed for the steel Interstate tanks in the '72 parts book. It is a separate listing from the Fireflake Royal Blue listed for the steel Roadster tank on the same page.
Think Rons got this right. This color was only on metal parts. But I have found it in a metal flake under old paint jobs were stock paint is almost never removed. Up inside the tunnel it's very tuff stuff and you don't forget that flake once you have sand blasted off. This has been found on several different tanks and side covers. I don't know if it was done here in the states or what. Only that it is found on many old stock tanks. Herb at Flint indian was the main distrubutor to other dealers here in Michigan and I never heard of him redoing paint like the Triumph dealers did here in Michigan. norbsa
'72 original blue

Ron, Norbsa,

I think you guys are getting the two different blues confused. The roadster tank blue was the Fireflake Royal Blue and was not used on the Interstate tank. The Interstate came with French Blue (or black) which as Ron says is non metallic. The name "French Blue" is not in the parts list, rather is named in the '72 sales brochure.

As far as I know there was no "Pacific Blue" from Norton up to '72. There is a lighter metallic, not metal flake blue used on the '74 850 steel roadster tanks.
Yes, there were actually a number of blues used in those years. I have an original, one-owner (me!) '73 steel tanked Roadster with the blue "metallic". This is not the "Royal Blue Fireflake" of the fibreglass tanks.

The '72 Interstate blue is a non-metallic blue apparently used on Interstates of that year and on the steel tank. I don't know what they called it, it is listed in the parts book as "steel Interstate tank, blue".

Interestingly, if I look at the inside of my side covers, they are a solid, nonmetallic blue that could actually be the same as this "Interstate blue"
'72 blue

Hi Ron,

Actually I was sticking to the original inquiry which was the blue on the '72 Interstate. In the '72 model range there were only two factory blue colors provided by Norton. I know the French Blue which is the color in question was used on the fiberglass interstate tank only. I don't know that it continued on the later steel interstate tanks.
Ron L,
Would you be kind enough to have one your "Interstate Blue" Side covers put under the spectrometer some time convenient to you ?

Maybe get the colour in Dulux, or some worldwide brand name ?

My original question was to find out what this colour is, so I can restore my 72 with that colour.

Someone else mentioned "French Blue" being mentioned on the 72 sales catalogue, could they photocopy that and email it to me please ?
I have a 1972 sales catalogue also....but no mention of specific colours in it.

If any of you informed people can help with ideas/suggestions for my "colour" web page please email me with photocopied reliable info & I will add it to my "Norton" techo pages.
Please have a look at the paint section I have started work on.


Thanks in anticipation.
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