12 volt gremlins

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Aug 24, 2005
Hi to all of you electrical boffins.I parked the bike-- 1974 850 --- on Sunday after an uneventfull,but satisfying ride,all systems "A" ok, went out to the garage today to take a short ride to find -- no ignition warning light,only the right side turn signals working with no idiot light,the left signals do not flash but the idiot light lights up!, head and tail lights are ok.Anybody got any clue as to where to look first?.Thanks for your help.Ride safely, James.
Can't help James but I know that this has happened to many on Commando's . Seems it's somthing to do with the flasher unit. But memory fails me.

Hi James,
Can't say for sure what your problem is, but, past experience tells me that when directionals start acting odd its usually a ground problem.
Make sure if your directionals are running ground wires from their stalks that the haven't come unplugged. If they are just grounded to the headlight bucket/ears it is sometimes helpful to run a separate ground wire from the bucket to the main frame.

justa thought,
Sounds like a ground problem. Check the grounds inside the headlight bucket and the red ground wire leading out of the bucket is firmly attached to the frame or head.
Hi to all,as pointed out, it turned out to be a bad ground under the tank,connection LOOKED ok,but a light tug on it and it seperated.Thanks again for your help.Ride safely. James
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