Which model do I have

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Hi all,

I haven't been able to figure out what I have. I see Roadster, MKIII, featherbed, etc.

Is there a site which details all :?:


It looks like a 1975 850 MK3.

Please post engine number, and frame number. I will find out for you,
MKIII Roadster --- Cool :D

Frame number: 326528 stamped on head and engine left side.

There is also F127399 -- I forget where :?

063850 is stamped on the back of the right cylinder at the bottom of the black fins. I'm assuming this is the model designation.
Definitely 1975 MK III roadster. First year or electric start, left side shift, rear disk brake, ignition switch mounted on the upper fork yoke, large plastic air box and "annular discharge" mufflers.

The 063850 is a part number

The F127399 was probably stamped directly into the steering head and is a frame number (serial number I believe) and indicates an Italian built frame.

The 326528 was probably stamped onto an aluminum plate on the steering head and on the left engine case and is the bike's serial number.

Thanks Randy et al,

Yes, all are true :) It's interesting learning about what I have.

Thanks guys.

Now onto the trailer and off to the DMV to get the serial number/VIN verified so a brand new title can be issued. Then I will legaly own it :)

... and can start removing parts ... muhahaha :twisted:
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