Warning Light Assimilator

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Feb 22, 2006
G'Day All,

Could some one tell me if the warning light assimilator is faulty can this effect the charging ability of the alternator.

Thanks Mike.
hey mike, what exactly is yours doing? i have been having a hell of a time with mine. it stays on all the time now, as well as the solid state one i just put on. i am trying to find a short somewhere. my bike seems to be charging, though not as high output as it should be. the volts slowly drop. the noc article on the possibility of a bad rectifier was enlightening, although i did not like the news about a burned out 3aw doing damage to the alternator :( do you know if a burned out 3aw means light on continually or no light at all? i am considering tossing it! cheers, jerome
Hi Jerome,

I saw your previous article and was going to post you as well.

My light has stopped coming on recently, about the same time i noticed that my alternator doesn't seem to be charging, i haven't as yet checked the charging circuit but will do so on the weekend, after running the headlight for a while the bike stops at the lights etc., a classic sign of a low battery, with the headlight off the bike will not cut out, turn the light back on, cuts out at low revs.

I have only just put the assimilator light and the apparent lack of charge together in my head and will investigate further, i'm sure there is a connection with that or as the N.O.C. article said it could be the rectifier.

Regards Mike.
charging circuit

I'm not sure this will help you guy's. My assimilator light is working ok and has never been a problem.
A while back My Norton was cutting out at idle due to low battery, i had the battery replaced under warranty, charging seemed to be ok except I was doing a lot of city riding and lots of traffic lights. I replaced the old solenium rectifier with a Dick Smith Solid state unit, just a few dollars and have not had any problems since.
I am a bit more cautious about sitting at lights with headlight and brake lights on. But it hasn't stalled since. I don't think it was the battery Marshall Batteries tested it ok but replaced it anyway.
Thanks DG,

I definitely think there is a problem with either the assimilator or the rectifier, i know it's not a battery problem, apart from it discharging, but thanks for the info about Dick Smiths' i'll have a good look on the weekend.

Do you know which particular unit you used :?:

Regards Mike

I will have to look for a number on the unit.
It is a square epoxy filled block about 30mm X 30mm X 10MM deep with four lugs for push on spade terminals.
The one I purchased happened to be 30 or 32 amp 500vac I think , thats what they had in stock at the time.
Thanks DG, i went and bought one yesterday at the local dick smiths, it sounds exactly the same as yours, it is 32 amp, which of the prongs do you use :?: i noticed one has a + sign and one has AC on it.

Thanks Mike
Mike, There should be two AC's for the alternater wires. Positive gets a short wire to the frame for the main common ground. Boyer, Battery,Frame ,engine and headlight should all come together at this point. Termanal left over is power. Do as you will with this just remember it corrups.
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