Does anyone know where I can get my Norton tachometer repaired? It's a Veglia with a blue and white arrow on the face from a '75 850 Commando.


Try Palo Alto Speedometer ( I haven't used them but I know some Ducati guys that had them work on their Veglia clocks. The alternative would be to replace them with the appropriate Smiths guages.

Ron L.

Thank you for the speedometer repair shop information. Please note that Veglia, not Smiths, gauges were fitted to '75 Noton Commandos.


Depends on the were and the when. I have here on my lap a Smiths gage with the white and blue arrow it's a tacho made in UK Number RSM3006/00. I belive this one was from a Triumph (rubber cup 0-10,000) RPM I think that some Nortons came with these, as well as the french /Italian makers. Norton was outsourcing way back then. norbsa

Experienced norton owners know veglia's AND smiths were used in 75. My 75 has the smiths with the stylized blue/white NT (norton/triumph), or arrows :roll: if you will.
It's OK cause no one knows it all....
Yeah, my MkIII has Smiths and a couple others that went through my hands had Veglias. Conventional wisdom used to be that the Veglias weren't worth fixing. Since then I believe that opinion might have changed.

Ron L
Veglia AND Smiths gauges installed on '75 Nortons? I've learned something new - thanks to all.


Just a quick note to let you all know that the Veglia Speedo and Tach were also used on the 73 Interstate Norton. I have both a Roadster and an Interstate and the Roadster came with Smiths, Those times must have been interesting at the factory! " What are were going to use today mate??"
Certainly both Veglia and Smiths in either green globe or NVT logo (wiggly worm) style instruments were used from 1973-on as a look in any 73-on Commando parts book (inc. 1975) will confirm.

The clock holders became deeper for 1973-on models in order that Veglia instruments could be used.

According to the parts lists Roadsters would normally have been fitted with Smiths instruments and Interstates with Veglias but I'm not sure this was always the case.

Some while ago I attempted to compile a list of the known Commando Smiths and Veglia instrument types and their numbers with the help of the forum members.

There are still a few numbers missing:


MPH speedos are normally marked; *1000 turns = 1 Mile*

SSM 3001/02 150 MPH (1968-70) Solid Green Spot

SSM-3001/02A 150 MPH (19??) Green Globe Logo (this could be a later replacement part?)

SSM 3001/09 150 MPH (1971-74) Green Globe

SSM 3001/10 240 KPH 600 turns (1972) [1971-74?] Green Globe

SSM 4003/00 150 MPH + Trip meter (1975-on) NVT

SSM 4003/01 240 KPH 600 turns + Trip NVT known to be used on Triumph 750 Bonneville/Tiger 75/76. Possibly also Commando 850 MkIII ?


RSM 3003/00 9k RPM (1968-70) Solid Green Spot

RSM 3003/12 9k RPM (Commando 'S' 1970) Solid Green Spot?

RSM 3003/15 9k RPM (1971-74) Green Globe

RSM 3003/(21?) 10k RPM (1975-on) NVT


VEGLIA SPEEDOMETERS also used in pairs as well as Smiths types but only fit the deeper (black) instrument housings used 1973-on.

1000 turns = 1 Mile

09190919900 (1973-74) 150 MPH + Trip meter, Green Globe and 'Norton'

0919 091 9911 150 MPH + Trip meter (1975) NVT

0919 090 9911 240 K/MH + Trip meter (1975) NVT


09200909900 9k (1973-74) Green Globe and 'Norton'

0920 090 9911 10k (1975) NVT

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The reason for Interstates having Veglias could be because of the trip meter built into the Speedo, Did early Smiths speedos have a trip Meter?
Re: Veglia

LTES63 said:
The reason for Interstates having Veglias could be because of the trip meter built into the Speedo,

That is generally thought to be the reason, although it could really have been due to the Norton factory sourcing cheaper and/or more easily available parts due to the state of the British manufacturing industry during that period (= unreliable) as they did when they has a large number of Commando frames made in Italy?

LTES63 said:
Did early Smiths speedos have a trip Meter?

Not as far as I know, not before the NVT marked type (1975) I think.