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May 12, 2005

Quick question, has anyone had any problems running a commando on unleaded fuel, what conversions or tunning setup is recommended.

I haven't had any problems, and haven't needed to make any adjustments, I try and use Shell Optimax as it has a higher octane rating but with a small Roadster tank fitted I cannot always fill up at a Shell petrol station . I do add Castrol Valvemaster Plus.http://www.castrolclassicoils.co.uk/valvemp_new.htm
i run regular unleaded all the time in my bike.. ive tried it with 89 and 91 before and noticed no big difference in all

now in my audi if i run anything under 91, the car goes haywire! mostly because of the ecu that controls it.
No, I since I have a Chevron card, I always buy super (locally in the Puget Sound area that's 92 octane). Texaco was fine until they disappeared under Chevron ownership, which I don't like since that means fewer choices of quality gas (that's quality in that additives). I avoid the cheap ones like Arco, because of the cheaper additives. Octane is octane, but most auto mechanics can tell by the inside of the engine what quality of gas is used, and it's the additives that help keep the engine internals cleaner (my Saab has 402,000 miles on the original bottom end). But when it's leaded vs unleaded the Brits have lots of highly charged debates over this issue. The London BSAOC Star magazine is on part 3 of an article on the debate. Apparently if one is really concerned, a little 2 cycle oil with the gas is reportedly better than the other fluids (I do not use any). And get this, by that article, the older your bike is (I think it was mid 1940's and earlier), the less important the leaded issue is!
Hi ron53!
I am using Shell Optimax, Aral, BP or ESSO unleaded Super (95–100 OCT).
No hickups or problems with that up to now.
I do avoid the cheap stuff, though…
unleaded fuel

Commando valve seats are ok to run on unleadd fuel. I just put anything in & dont have the slightest problem.
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