Turn Signals for old bikes

Apr 7, 2004
I don't like the way turn signals look on bikes that don't need them to be legal. But there have been times that on that dark road with other bikes or just wondering what is that driver thinking about?, that I have needed a signal. Well I put together some old and new tech and kept it cheap and this is my lastest fix. See the first of three photos than just click forward here http://groups.msn.com/Brit-Fe-Pics/shoe ... hotoID=152 First of all they had to look like they could be stock so I used indicator lights for British sportcars 4.00 each brand new. Then the lights had to knock your eyes out so hyper brite LED's from JC Whitney 29.99 white. Now I needed a flasher that would handle the low draw from the LED's Bruce at Bulbs that last forever got me this rig Somewhere around 20.00 . Made some steel tubes so they mount on the Commando, powdercoated in the shed almost free, man we use this under 100.00 outfit a lot. Anyway I dig my blinker-marker lights and most don't even see them till I turn them on that is. norbsa