Oct 14, 2019
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Mainly interested in the Alloy tanks, But i am after some clarification on the design styles, uses.
Were they produced in period by Norton? if so how would you identify an Original tank..

Having a look around i see multiple designs some the same designs but with fill cap in different positions..
There are only two types of alloy tank allowed on Tritons by EU law.

The 5 gallon Manx tank and the 3 gallon Sprint tank. Anything else is wrong, and shall be removed and crushed.

Both were available from Norton in the day as they were fitted to Manx Norton’s. They were also available from several million custom providers!

It will be easy to spot an original because, by now, it’ll be covered in patches, weld repairs, and dents !

Go to a reputable maker and get a new one. The good guys ensure they’re made out of good alloy and are the right thickness and are bent / welded as appropriate in the right places to reduce failures.

As I’ve already said, in your shoes I’d take my bare frame to Degens, let him do his suite of mods and repairs to it inc alignment ‘check and correct’ in his jig, and his alloy tank mounts, then buy the tank from him too that fits the mounts. Sorted.

The 5 gallon and 3 gallon tanks each have their fans. Beauty is in the eye of etc...
My 1957 Wideline I am running the original steel tank, I was going to replace it with a 5 gallon Manx tank but finding the best one is a bit pricey for me, there are some cheap ones around but would they last the distant, but I like the shape of the original tank the only thing I did to it back in the early 80s was to put in the second bung to run two fuel taps as the original one only had one tap, so I can run a reserve tap but my hot motor needs two taps open for high speed running which is very rare these days, to many cops and speed cameras around they take the fun out of what we like to do now.

Our state Government is broke so speed cameras and traffic infringements is a big money earner for them of course they always say its for road safety but we know better, you only got to be 1km over the speed limit to get a ticket here and for having a mobil phone in your hand while driving has gone up from $250 to now $1000 and 4 points, they are investing a lot of money to catch everyone out as it pays for the investment pretty quick and 40km over the speed limit and they take you bike or car away for 30 days and more than 3 times you don't get them back, they are also changing the rules to hide cameras in place you wouldn't know till the ticket comes in the mail, anyway sorry for getting away from the OP.
Whatever tank you choose, if it’s a The 5 gallon Manx tank I would suggest that it is fully baffled inside
The 5 gallon Manx tank will get you a long way for sure, don't think the bike would be too good to ride when the tank was full though, but looks the best.
I fitted a McIntosh 5 gallon tank to my Manx (1955) purely for originality, it is baffled as Bernard suggested, but I have never completely filled it up as we only did short races, so never got to find out how the bike handled with a full tank.
The other thing is they are a big tank but if on a featherbed it is not a problem.
The McIntosh Manx tanks would have to be the best I have seen, I think Ken also do the sprint tanks as well.
Well, if we're dreaming, a 5 gallon Lyta is my favorite, but rather hard to find.


The smaller short circuit tanks have plenty of fuel though.
Good enough to lick like an ice cream cone.

C'mon... You must know I can't look at those pics without feeling compelled to strip my road whore to the frame and make her look like a lady.
That's a lovely bike...

Indeed. What’s good about it IMHO is the attention to detail that was put into proportions and lines. SO often bikes like this are built just by bolting stuff on and the lines are all over the place and proportions all wrong.

Don’t tell Dommie Nator I praised his bike though... it’ll go to his head...