Swinging arm 140 oil

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Jerry Doe

May 21, 2003
Can anyone tell me how much 140 oil should be in the swinging arm?

It does not say in my book.


All I can say is not very much, I found the best way to confirm the cavity is fully primed, is to leave out the top pin security bolt, and fill through the nipple with a small grease gun filled with the oil, one air has escaped and pure oil comes out, all is good.

Hope this helps

Regards Richard
Since I think the holes in the shaft are at the top...wouldn't it make sense to juice it good till it leaks and then let it adjust to it's own level...half a shaft full of oil, won't get to the bearings...or? Correct me if I'm incorrect on this, as my next project in just that....swing arm and its' leaks.... :wink:
Hi All,

For access and ease of filling, fill thru the nipple and let the air escape out the security bolt at the top, works for me!

Regards Richard
If you work it out the 750 should take a minimum 84cc (1/2" bore x 7") + drillings and area at the end of the caps/pin. The shorter 850 a bit less.
the others are right... fill till it bleeds out the top hole. I'm amazed where it goes, put a new pin in 2500m ago, filled it right up and other than a little weepage past the seals there was no real mess but when I stripped the arm out to sort the frame alignment there was only a few cc left. Mine is a good fit with little end play and good surfaces for the "O" rings to run on. I guess the bushes absorb some but not that much....
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