speedo cable

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Dec 27, 2005
I am attempting to replace the cush drive rubbers in the rear wheel assembly but I cannot extract the speedo cable from the drive unit.

Is there a special trick or is the thing stuck? I have looked in the manual and it says to remove cable but I don't want to force the thing just in case I break it.

Is there a logical explanation for this?

Leave the left side nut on the brake drum side tight.... pull the axel bolt out from the right side, remove the spacer, leave the speedo drive on the cable and let it hang. Pull the wheel-hub assembly off the brake drum towards the right and remove it down and out under the exhaust...carefully! Leave the brake drum on the bike and replace the rubber cush thingies... replace the wheel, when done and make sure the 4 stubs on the brake drum, go correctly between the cush rubbers, replace the speedo drive and spacer(takes a bit of patience) and slip the bolt in again. Tighten it almost all the way, loosen the brake drum side nut and check the chain adjust, alighnment of wheel, etc. Tighten the blts and nuts....

As to the speedo drive...it can be just stuck in the drive, but if the cable is still working, wait until it breaks before messing with it. Otherwise, you will likely break it yourself. No use breaking something that you can still use for a few years. Oil the drive cable a bit though, from the speedo end, just let the cable sit overnight before using the bike, or the oil you put in the cable, will work it's way back up the cable and screw up your speedo. The upper inch or two of the cable should never be wet with oil where you reassemble it back on the speedo, but , as in your case, if the cable can't be removed to be oiled, let it sit overnight, to avoid speedo damage.

Some day...the cable will indeed break by itself, and then you can mess with the stuck end and the speedo drive... :wink:
Thank you for your reply, I managed to remove the whole cable and drive from the wheel hub, at least it is out of harms way. You would not believe how bad the rubber thingies were, this is a good opportunity to inform anyone who has this setup to check their own machine. I had some tyres fitted only last week and I am suprised that the guy in the shop did not pick this up during the removal and replacement of the wheel during the tyre change.

I noticed it when i was just seated on the bike and put my foot on the brake pedal and rocked it backwards and forwards, it soon showed up during this test.
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