Speed mods

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Oct 25, 2007
I've been lurking here for a while and want to thank every one for all the good stuff that I see on this list. I got a '71 Commando last fall that needs some carb work, so I intend to get them sleeved before I do anything else. I also had been planning on going to the salt flats at the end of August, and just this week thought of bringing the Norton along to see what I could do on the salt. I'm not going to breaking (or even approaching) any records but it sounds like fun. What would the group suggest to get the most out of it without radical modifications? I'm thinking port and polish and letting it breath easier on both ends. Any suggestions?
Blue printing will help. But basically if you want horse you'll need compression and a cam.
If you're taking the head off anyway to port and polish, you could skim the head for higher compression as Cash states, I would also consider a different cam, but regardless check the cam chain tension, as this can be a source of inconsistent valve and ignition timing.

Cash did you get my reply to your e-mail?
I have been told by a famous ex-racer mechanic, that a drop or two of cod-oil could do the trick, but you must find the real stuff.......and test before during the night because of smell, not saying than full moon is a better choice, and why not on the first of April.........sorry!
No I didn't, but at least you've got a stunner of a bike.
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