seats, any model year differences?

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Apr 15, 2004
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The foam is kinda broken down in mine so I'd like to replace it. I could buy new foam, but then I have to get the cover on and off which is rather a pain to do.

There's a nice looking used seat on ebay atm that came from a 74 Roadster. Will that fit on my 71 frame or did things change over the years? The seat on mine doesn't look quite as flat as the later years, though it's thicker and flatter than the S type seats. So I was just wondering if this later one would fit. I've been surprised before by things I thought would fit but didn't.


There is no difference between the seat mounting provisions on '71 through '73 Commando frames. I think the difference in seat mounting appeared in '75; the seats on these models are hinged to the frame.

Now I can't say conclusively, but I'm 99% sure that the '74 seat will fit your '71 frame with no problems.

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Hi Debby,

The '74 seat will fit your '71. The differences in the years was the upholstery. The '71 & '72 had the pleated top, '73 was basket weave and the '74 is quilted. For '73 models Norton dropped the grap strap and added the rear grab rail. Some of the seat pans are fiberglass and others steel.

What makes you think the foam on the e-bay seat is any better than yours?

I've got the fastback body work on my '72 roadster now. While off I'm going to graft the original roadster seat top to the aftermarket side upholstery and buy a new foam from RK Leighton in England. The reproduction pleated covers just don't look right.
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illf8ed said:
Hi Debby,

What makes you think the foam on the e-bay seat is any better than yours?

It's a gamble. Might be worth the risk if the bidding doesn't go too high. I did ask the seller if the foam is good and of course he said it's fine...

ebay roulette...

Taking the old cover off & replacing it is a simple job.

I only just yesterday received a quote from
for my interstate seat. It has the "pleated cover" as yours would have also originally.
It did take them a week to reply.

"Hello Reg: Prices as follows: Cover £36.00 and foam £27.00. These prices include V.A.T. & carriage. We could get them off to you within two weeks of a firm order. Regards: Leightons."

Any good upholsterer/foam supplier can probably supply decent new foam though. You can buy "Gel Inserts" or a just a top layer may help your "seat" also.

RGM in the UK can also do the "pleated" covers.

As do Old Britts in the USA.
My seat does have what appears to be the original pleated cover. The gold Norton lettering at the back is faded but otherwise the cover is in excellent condition. The foam is broken down in the middle where you tend to sit however.

I rode an 850 a while back that had one of those repop seats that you see so often these days. I felt the foam was way too stiff, it felt like I was sitting on a block of wood. I don't know who makes those seats but I wouldn't want new foam if that's typical. A used but not worn-out seat perhaps would be better, I don't know.


If you have a good sound steel seat base, you may want to send your seat to Sargent (Jacksonville) for new foam and cover. They can add more solid foam in areas and softer in others, depending on what you want. They can make a new cover or use your old one or use a new "stock" one.

A friend had them do his Interstate seat with their closed cell foam and a stock seat cover and is quite pleased. He does 8-10 hour days with no discomfort. Another friend had them re-do the seat on his 620 KTM which he turned into a street bike. He has nothing but praise for their workmanship and the seat. Check out their website or give them a call. They are quite knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

I have one of their replacement seats on my 900SS SP and it is not only lighter than the Corbin I had previously but much more comfortable.

I have a British reproduction seat on my Interstate with the "stiff" foam you mentioned. It is actually much more comfortable after about 30 minutes than the "soft" foam. If you sit on most of the aftermarket touring seats your initial response is "that's too hard". However, 50 miles down the road you realize that because the foam doesn't let your butt rest on the seat base, you don't have the "sore butt" syndrome.
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