Routing fuel lines

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Feb 10, 2004
Just installed a single 34mm Mikuni with the main fuel line running from the main petcock (on the rt side) under the carb then up and around to the nipple on the side of the carb. In my driveway it will die out from what appears to be a lack of fuel. There is an air bubble in fuel line at the bend coming into the carb which looks to the culprit. Problem is that routing the line over the intake manifold creates a tight bend coming out of the main petcock. The length of the petcock and the location of the nipple on the carb makes it tough to route the lines without bends. What's next? Maybe using the left petcock as the main will help, hmm didn't try that, but would the right be less reliable as a reserve?

On the plus side the idle is smooth and steady and throttle pull is now a 2 finger affair. 8)

George K.
George K., Stan at Rocky Point has 90 degree fittings in s.s. for this. You run each fitting pointed to the mittle to a brass T fitting then out of that to an inline filter than to the carb. I use saftey wire dobble wrapped for clamps. norbsa
Did the same thing, ordered up the 90 degree fittings and the fuel lines run much better.

Old Britts also sells ready to go fuel lines if'n you want to go that route.
Ordered up the petcock plus a couple other goodies from Rocky Point. Thanks guys.
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