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Jan 14, 2004
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What I was referring to on the other thread was the placement of the rotor in relation to the stator. This rotor is sitting significantly deeper in the stator than I have seen in the past. The manuel calls for the spacer, then (1).036 shim and (2) .010 shims or AR, as required. This rotor has the spacer and (1) .036 shim. Looking at the rotor, one notices the magnets are centered as are the field pickups on the stator. With the rotor being to deep, I am assuming I am not getting full generation.
What is a little puzzling is the necessary dimension is .180, that is a lot more than the missing (2) .010 shims. The stator appears to be sitting correctly, could the sprocket be pushed on to far? How could that be?
Maybe the spacer is incorrect.
Anyhow, I have ordered a new spacer and various shims. I'll get back later. (someday)
seem to recall...could be incorrect...that the sprocket is on a cone shaped end of the would then sit where it adjustment posible. There are shims behind the rotor though, I think and those can be missing, or is that the one with the cut out for the half moon shaped key that holds the sprocket still...could that be turned around? . Aren't there also washers or such behind the stator that would allow lining up? I have just always taken the parts off and laid them out in order and replaced as they were found in the first I haven't really paid attention to lining things up, just ends up the way it started out in the first place. But...all this back and forth...still doesn't change the fact that the two parts can't be so far out of alignment that the charging system doesn't work...the method given by Ron seems to be winner and that is the only setting that I think might cause low charging...but I am not an expert...the others will perhaps correct me.....let us know.....I'm off to the garage now to finish the ring job...Bye till later!!!
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