Stator to rotor clearance


Dec 28, 2008
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Or as previously mentioned open the holes in the stator slightly, i have to say my view wouldn't be to reduce the mounting stud diameter as there only 5/16 mild steel
Opening the stator holes was the first operation I tried, I used a 5/16 drill bit which opened the holes and achieved a good fit on the mounting studs. The tightness between the 1 and 4 O'clock position remained.

I failed to add earlier that I rotated the crankshaft which demonstrated that the tightness did not follow the crank.

This morning I removed the stator mounting studs and saw that they are not bent in any way.

My solution has come down to having the rotor's OD reduced.

I want to thank all the members that responded to my question; all of which helped me think/re-think all the steps I tried or thought of.

Feb 21, 2019
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pre-alton starter - went to hobby lobby - they have some sort of poly-plastic sheeting - 3 different thickness sheets in the pack - one if them is .010" i cut a strip, slipped it around the rotor and positioned the stator. worked perfectly. alton uses a similar method to set clearance. BTW, on the three stator mounting studs, i did a waist cut for some additional adjustment on the stator mounting.
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