Rocker Shaft Removal

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May 27, 2006
I'd like to replace one of the rocker ball ends which has a poor surface.

Any tricks to getting the shafts out? They seem pretty tight in, is it possible to get them out without taking the head off?
I could fabricate a slide hammer - if I could be sure what the thread in the end of the shaft is. :?

It is advisable to use some heat to warm the head around the rocker spindle bosses before trying to extract the spindles.
The head does not need to come off.

You can make up a slide hammer (using a piece of studded rod, thick washer, nut and a socket for the sliding hammer) or extract them using a long bolt or stud, spacer, washer, and nut to pull them out. The extractor bolt/stud size needed is 5/16" Cycle (26 tpi) thread.

Or you could buy the 064298 spindle extractor tool from a Norton parts supplier?

Spindle Extractor Tool
Rocker Shaft Removal

When refitting the spindles ensure the flats on them face the correct way, inlet flats facing to the rear, exhaust to the front.

Thanks LAB - the weather being the way it is I may as well buy the tool ( about ten earth pounds I see) & hope for the rain to stop by next weekend!

I bought one of those extractor tools but it wasn't machined very well and the bore in the body is too small to accept the spindle :x It's currently at the machine shop for a hone job. I do like that method of removal better than hammering the spindle out with a slide hammer, which is how I've always had to do it in the past.

BTW a good way to heat the head is to go for a ride, then do the job while the head is still warm! (weather permitting of course) 8)

Thanks Debbie, LAB. Took bike for run to warm-up during brief dry interval & the shafts came out just fine (slide hammer) Found the correct one second go as I hadn't noted which one had the bad end. A bit hot on the fingers - the motor probably stays hot long enough to do all 4 rockers.
Back in one piece & going a treat.:D
It's raining again, so I'll just have to find out what the new Avon Roadriders wet performance is like!
That was an ingenious trick of Debby's. I would have been concerned how to get the shafts back when the head cooled. I guess with all the hot parts still together the head stays hot longer than when separated. Mine took several trips back to the oven at 200C for all four. Did you get the case leak attended to? Pleased to hear it's going well.
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