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Nov 10, 2006
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I believe the plastic tubed rocker feed isn't available any more. If that's so, I bought a roll of the correct tube a few years ago. If anyone is stuck I can referb' their old feed at the cost of postage.
Why do you think they are no longer available? Andover Norton still shows them available.

However, that's a great offer! Andover wants 20 pounds for one.

For anyone that just wants to do their own, get some air brake line from your local truck supply house. A diesel mechanic friend of mine has supplied me with free scraps left over from brake jobs at his dealership. I have been using my home made lines for 10 years.
Wow, I guess I've been living under a rock - no more plastic rocker-feed lines? So, have we gone back to the steel lines, or other?
I use diesel engine injector leak off small bore hose. Never had a problem and cheap as chips(sorry fries)!
Yes that's right it was cheaper to buy the roll of tube than buy a new rocker feed. If I remember correctly this stuff will handle a bit higher temp, in practice it probably doesn't matter.
Anyhow I've got near 25 meters and anyone on the list is welcome to a length to referb their own.

Cash, I think you may be right about the temperature issue. I had my local hose shop replace my old hose with some of the pneumatic brake stuff. The timing slipped when I was out riding and retarded the spark. The bike then overheated and one of the hoses softened and came off at the end. Fortunately I managed to pull over in time and all I got was a liberal dousing in oil and a van ride back home. I have since replaced these hoses with braided steel on all of my bikes. I must in fairness point out that the hose was perfectly adequate for years within the normal temperature range.
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