Roadster tank + seat req'd

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Mar 6, 2006
These seem to be made of "unobtainium" here in the UK. or they are silly prices. Does anyone know the whereabouts of these rare beasties? Any condition, I can probably fixmost damage etc..
email me: if you get lucky!
Many thanks, Big Steve.
Have a look on ebay and you might find something im pretty sure i saw a tank and seat on ebay uk but not sure it could have been on the american or australian website just have a look and i am sure you will find what you need and probaly more.
Roadster seats are available from Norton parts suppliers so are not difficult to get.
Tanks turn up on UK eBay but the price for a good STEEL tank can now be around £300.
Are you a member of the Norton Owners Club? As members are normally happy to sell parts to other members for less than the going rate, the club being a good source of used spares.

Even fibreglass Roadster tanks are now selling for around £100-£200 on UK eBay.
Thanks, guys. I've tried ebay, and as you say, they're going for silly money. However, a kindly soul has emailed me with a damaged steel tank for sale, so I may well go with that; having a tame body-shop guy to hand is always useful! :wink:
I recently sold a perfectly good steel roadster tank, side covers & as new seat for AUS $900 on ebay.

Unless you know a good painter that can paint the tank & sidecovers for you, you will be paying at least AUS $500 for the paint job alone.

The person that brought mine was very happy with the deal.

As you say, these items are getting very hard to come by now.
Forget that we used to pay half that price for a complete bike in the 70s.
Yeah Having a brother as a panel beater and his mate as a painter it only cost me $100 for my paint job and that was just for the paint labour was free ya gotta luv having contacts.
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