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Jan 4, 2008
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Hello everyone, I new to this board. I bought a basket case 73 850 and in the process of rebuilding it. I'm finishing up the wheel bearing upgrade and am wondering about sizes of rims. The 19's seem limited on tire sizes, 18 has more choices. Is there anything I'm missing? Handling characteristics? what about 18 rear and 19 fronts.

Just trying to come up with a plan. Rims will most likely be shouldered alloys.

thanks, Bruce
Avon roadriders come in 90/90 19 for the front and 100/90 19 for the rear. The more people who stick to 19" the longer Avon will make them.
Nortons don't need or like big tyres. all you will accomplish is to make it slower and heavier steering by going to bigger rubber. the only time I have had tyres slip is when I hit a DEAD GREASY critter in the road or gravel :mrgreen: .

Thanks for the replys, I talked to a fellow Norton owner/friend last night he said just stick with the 19's. Now, I may see about just having the rims rechromed.

I'm running a 19" x 100 front (WM3) and an 18" rear (WM4) with a 120 bridgestone on the back, and both are on Excel shoulderd rims. No problems here.
Given the very limited selection of 19" rear tires, I switched to a 18 WM4 rear rim. Couldn't be happier. Now I can get twice the mileage before changing rears. Also, the handling is superior. As for traction, remember that's a two way street. Braking, as well as acceleration. Nortons won't ever need more traction for acceleration, but I'll take all the braking I can get. My rear tire of choice is a Dunlop D501 120/90-18.
you need to come up to my campground in north east tenn. and chase me through the mountains with my skinny tyres :D . you might change you mind. the other trouble with your analogy is most of the braking force is on the FRONT tyre.


You are probably a more superior rider than me. I am making a comparison of the "skinny" tires, as you refer to them, to the far superior Dunlop D501. If you've not ridden the same motorcycle with both, then you can not make a comparison. As for the braking, there is no trouble with what you refer to as my analogy. I'm simply stating that a tire with more contact patch will provide more grip under braking. Hope this clarifys things for you.
I have road Nortons with the 18 rim conversion and was not impressed with the change. as to the size of the contact patch, with the poor brakes on our old steeds compared to new stuff that is also a moot point. with a skinny 90/90 front and the brake mods (sleeved master braided line and the best pads) I still don't have contact patch issues. With my riding style I do have WEAR issues as I have to replace both front and rear at 3,500 maybe 4,000 miles but im NOT looking at hard high mileage touring tyres. the chopper I built for another guy has a 16 HD rim out back and runs a 130 90 /16 metzler ME880 and a 325 / 19 lazer on the front. he gets about 10,000 miles on a set.So when you stated THE SUPERIOR DUNLOP it is just an opinion and if it fits your riding style than that is ok :mrgreen: . And please don't take this as a flame as it is NOT meant to be :D . I would still like you to come up and visit the aria, and maybe do the three state ride in may as it is a great time with great people.

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