Retire from Commandos

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May 22, 2004
I am wondering after seeing a comment on TOL about when is the 'right time to retire from bikes!! "

The best retort I have seen was when one member suggested that he was focusing on yachting more these days ~ the come back was ... &*^*& that you could drown doing that !! "
But I was staggered at some of the "well known" members age ranges ~

I figure at 55 I have along way to go yet !!! 8) 8) 8)
I don't think I'll live anywhere near that long, but even when I become too old and feeble to ride, I'll keep a Commando or two around just to look at!

I saw a slogan on a T shirt that sums it up perfectly

"You don't give up riding because you get old,
You get old because you give up riding"
Good on ya! I am 54 and starting classic racing yet again, just can't leave it alone. Commandos really can take over your life! Its now 38 years since my first one and been with my wife for 36 years. Do I need help? :twisted:
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