Rest In Peace, Tom Kullen


Sep 27, 2009
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I have learned our friend Tom Kullen passed away over this last weekend after his long fight with a rare form of throat cancer.
As you all know, Tom was the prime mover in the Utah British Bike Club, the main sponsor of the AHRMA races at Miller Motorsports park (in fact Tom's Bonneville Vintage Grand Prix event was the very first that Larry Miller booked when he opened his beautiful track), and was an avid Norton man who owned beautiful Commandos, including a stunning Commando racer, and a Norton Rotary F1. He was also an avid skier and instructor up in Park City, UT, where he lived. It was the AHRMA street race Tom put on in Park City many years ago, that I attended almost by accident, that got me hooked on racing. I owe him (or he owes me!).

We watched Tom fight this disease for years. He was very up front about it, and never rested. He gave it a good fight. He will be missed.

Rest easy Tom

Rest In Peace, Tom Kullen

photo by Stephen Clark

Sad news
Didn't know Tom but my thoughts go his family
Rip Tom
Sad news.

You put up a good fight Tom. Finally you can rest

Tom was a genuine gentleman and will be missed by his many friends, my grandson and I among them.

Just remembering some good times with Tom. This is him in healthier days at the Pueblo AHRMA race in 2004. He had just blown the engine in his race Norton, and a friend captured his expression in conversation with me.

Rest In Peace, Tom Kullen

And this is the cause of that expression

Rest In Peace, Tom Kullen

I was pleased to meet Tom in 2008 when racing at Miller's with AHRMA; what a nice fellow.

Condolences to his family and friends.
Tom, I enjoyed getting to know you over the years, always a giving man that left a mark in the vintage motorcycle community. You will be missed but not forgotten, say hi to everyone up there, God Bless.


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When somebody dies, I always think of the positive ways in which they have influenced and inspired other people. When I look at the photos of his race bike, they really give me the urge. It is what a Commando racer should be. It is one thing I have noticed about my own bike. When I take it to a race circuit, the young guys go all over it, looking at how it has been constructed. Tom was obviously extremely knowledgeable. That bike of his is beautiful. It is not easy to build something as good as that.
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Tom was a good guy. First met him at a Torrey, Utah, Vincent Vaporlock Rally many years ago. Good to see him at Barbers in more recent times. Godspeed.
Very sad. I first met Tom when he was supporting me with Smiths Instrument issues a long time ago, then we met in person 2 or 3 times. I am happy to have met him. Will be missed in our community for sure. RIP Tom