removing rear tank rubber mounts

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Oct 11, 2009
having trouble removing the mounts...the rubber broke appart as soon as pressure was these come out of a steel tank? should i soak in PB Blaster and hope they break loose? thanks.
I've had good luck soaking the threads with PB, or whatever, and then slowly rocking the metal disc that is what is left of the mount with Vise-Grips. Like a lot of stuck bolts, sometimes tightening it ever so slightly is what it takes to break it loose. Once you get that done, just keep soaking and slowly twisting back and forth. Don't try and get it unscrewed all at once. Use patience, and I think you'll be fine. 'luck...

Don W
Which tank are we talking about, some have studs and others use the rubber buffers. All should come out with PB or similar but you have to be careful as the inserts are relying on the thickness of the tank skin to stop them turning and if this has been rusting the insert may twist out with a section of your tank.
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