Removing ID Plate

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Jun 3, 2005

Could anyone tell me how to remove the identification plate fixed to the headstock of the bike? I am currently restoring the frame and apparantly Norvil UK produce replacement plates. It would be nice to have a refurbished one fitted as the original is a little worn.

Here is a picture:

Removing ID Plate

Any help appreciated.


The rivits are called drive it. Here in the US anyway. So you know those really thin cut off wheels that come with a Dremel set ? Your looking for one about the size of a quarter dollar coin and about the thickness of the thin cardboard on a match book. Now cut slots that make them look like screws and than use a hand held impact driver to start them out.
I have also used a small sharp cold chisel to get a pair of small dents across from one another and than use plyers called electrical dykes to lock into the groves you made to give them the needed twist. Try to save and re-use the holes or it gets messey. norbsa
ID plate removal

When I replaced my ID plate I just ground off the heads of the rivets then punched them into the head stock tube. The plate supplier should also have new rivets that hammer in. Make sure you keep the old plate and send it to Norvil so they can put your number and date on the new plate (legally).
With the bearings removed, the tips of the rivits may be accessable. If so, push them outward. Then you can grab them with angle cutters and 'pull' them off. (saves them for reinstallation)
I used the method illf8ed described.

There are other sources of plates, try ebay or other suppliers. Norvil refused to stamp the date on my plate despite the fact the original had it, telling me the factory put the "wrong" date on it?! WTF. I posted this in a previous thread.
Removing ID Plate

Personally I wouldn't go to them for plates again. Why should I send my original plate to them, they aren't Norton, nor a govenment body, do you have to send in your old tires?! :roll:

That's my 2 cents.
I bought my new ID plate from OldBritts and Fred stamped all the numbers for me. No charge for the stamping and I didn't have to send him the old plate. I do buy a lot of parts from them so they know me. YMMV.

I haven't been too impressed with Norvil's customer service. They do offer some good products though.

Alternatively, you can purchase an inexpensive steel stamp set from a cheapy discount tool center, such as Harbor Freight, and stencil the ID plate yourself. It's easy.

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