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Jan 14, 2004
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Need to tend to leaky kick start seal. Not going to do the Mk III seal thing at this time.
What is this I read about Quad or Quad X Orings???
Are they any good? Where does one buy them?
I bought an assortment of quad rings (also known as x-rings) a few years back. I don't remember where, but I'm sure your local bearing or gasket dealer can supply them. Also you can find them at McMaster-Carr.

However, there is a proper lip seal available which will fit in place of the o-ring in the outer cover. It is a 1 X 1.25 X 0.125" seal (10121 VM) and fits without machining the cover. Just heat the cover and drop out the steel bush. Clean the hole with solvent and then press the seal in. I use a little dab of RTV in the bottom of the hole first, but this is probably not necessary. Chill the steel bush and press it back in the cover. Do not drive the bush and make sure it is square as it can easily gouge out the aluminum as you push it home.

I use the quad seals on the gearchange lever and the lip seal on the kickstart and it has solved all the weeping problems.
seal installation

Hi Ron,
I noted your reply to Mike regarding the kickstarter and shift shaft seal. I presently have my cover off so might just as well do that upgrade too. The local auto supply had a selection of X-rings, however they were pretty well picked over and did not have the needed size, they did have the 1.25x1.0x0.125 lip seal. I soon found out that even with the right tools and being very careful those seals are not meant to be driven in backwards which is what you have to do. After I buy a new seal tomorrow I suppose I could find or turn a thin wall tube to just fit inside the seal cup and seal lip and use it for a driver. More than likely I'll enlarge the hole through to the outside of the case so it can be driven in from the outside.
Wondering if anyone else had tried it and had the same problem.

justa thought,
Thanks Ron,
I've seen the name McMaster Carr before, just didn't know who they were.
Now I know what a quad or X Oring is.
I had the stock Orings and so I installed them tonight.

Geo brings up a good point. How does one install a seal reversed?
Very carefully, I assume?

Regarding driving the seal in backwards, you are correct, it must be done carefully. I find that if you clean the area very well, you can push the seal home with an appropriate sized tube. Many times I find the outer cover to be a rather loose fit. This is why I always use a small smear of RTV to assure a seal to the outside of the lip seal. If your outer cover is particularly tight, you might try warming the cover first, then push the seal home. Of course the alternative is to machine the outside of the cover for the MkIII style seal driven in from the outside.

Regardless of how you install the seal, care must be taken when installing the cover to avoid damaging the seal as the kickstart shaft is passed through.
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