Primary drive alignment.

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May 22, 2004
I would interested to her your advise on alignment of the primary drive assembly ~ and good/ better tips ~
Chain , thanks Ron

Have not yet got to finding the spare cash to justify a belt.. as much as I would like !
The triple row chain is not as fussy as the belt. My method is to assemble the stepped washer over the new clip on the transmission shaft (recess towards the tranny), then replace the shims that were removed (or if it's a scratch built I start with one .036" ). Slide the clutch drum and engine sprocket over the shafts (no chain) and with a hollow drift (I use a piece of aluminum tube) tap the engine sprocket until fully seated.
With a straight edge across the face of the teeth of the engine sprocket, measure the distance from the clutch teeth to the straight edge. Remove the sprockets, add the appropriate additional shims behind the clutch drum and re-assemble with the chain. Re-check the measurement. The shims are available in .036" and .048" thickness. I have found that most of the time, one of each is required, but not always.
hey derek....up a little early this morning?or were we out a little late in the shop last night? i appreciate you passing this along for me... this what the club is all about and the more ideas we can get on the website the better all around. do we have a link to this site on our site? i will contact nualla about it...stuart ss..if you are inside the primary i would suggest you check out the clutch seal nut available from british cycle supply in canada...if you are one of us who does not use a centre stand[ all parts that fell off this bike were made by the finest british craftsmen] then this will help a lot ...good luck barry
Thanks again blokes..

I did all this stuff a long time back ~ basically wanted to know just "right" I got !
Recently I have started having a few other running dramas ~ and then while tweaking the carbs I notice a bit of rumbling and rattling in the primary section ..

(I also noticed a while back when I bought the bike "out of retirement " ~ while I overhauled the clutch hub and washed the plates as part of a service ~ that the clutch hub bearing had a bit of play ~ and so I am intending to replace this ~

:( I certainly hope this is the crux of the rumbling.. (Yyeess ~I overhauled the gearbox even further back ! )

(dread!!! )
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