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The new British Minister for climate (Graham Stuart) includes
in his list of hobbies motorcycling and punk rock

Does this give us a bit of hope ?

Although he also includes economics and football, so perhaps not
If you despair of the current politicians then be aware the Monster Raving Looney Party
still exists. They are having their annual general meeting in Coalville next week. If I lived
a bit closer I'd go. Looks like a fun event.

From the MRLP web site :
We feel very proud and privileged to have been given permission to hold our 38th annual
conference in ‘The House of Commons’The first time ever that such a venue has been made
available. ‘The House of Commons’ being the famous music venue in Coalville, The Victoria Inn.
Which by sheer coincidence is owed by a certain – John Commons.
The event takes place Thur 22 Fri 23 Sat 24th September.
Candidates and members arriving Thurs for a weekend of fun and merriment, Fri and Sat all
day, lots of shenanigans and music, with our world famous Cabinet Reshuffle taking place Sat
afternoon. Event open to all, come and see, or even join, a party that knows how to party. If not
already familiarised, wear a silly hat at least, or dress as you see fit.
A film company from Warner Bros will be in attendance, along with local TV crews and other
media outlets. So come on down, or come on up, from wherever you are, in this wonderful
land of ours!

Howling ‘Laud’ Hope – Loony Party Leader.
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Post your jokes and humor here.

Post your jokes and humor here.

Post your jokes and humor here.
A man walks into a pub and asks for a double scotch.

The Landlord asks, "are you alright" as the man looks a little shaken.

The man explained that his car had conked out a mile or so down the road. He had been scratching his head looking at the engine when a horse popped his head over the hedgerow and told him how to fix the problem.

"Arr, was it a black horse?" Asked the Landlord.

"Yes", said the man

"You wuz lucky then," said the Landlord. "There's a grey horse in that field, and he knows fuck all about engines".
Hehe great. I took this in a 5 hour traffic jam on the M25 Dartford flyover caused by Just Stop Oil lunatics chaining themselves to an overhead gantry.

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Oh Boy! So glad I missed that one.....

(As an aside: Why did the authorities not tell them it was impossible to free them without the use/help of carbon dependant materials/transport? And leave them there... )
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