Pic posting

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You could open a free account with Photobucket:


To insert a photo link in your message, upload the photos you want to show to your new Photobucket album, then insert (copy/paste) the 'URL' address line near each photo into your forum message leaving a space next to any text and between each link, then use the message 'Preview' button to check the links work, then you can post the message if everything works OK.

Or to insert actual photos in your message copy/paste the IMG photo address.
If you want to post photos here:

http://www.accessnorton.com/Norton_photos/ - Email them to me at commando[at]accessnorton.com [at] = @. I will be doing photo updates soon.

Just email me the photos and your name and I will assign a photo album to you. One day I might allow individual updates or uploads.


Not open for further replies.