Order Please


Jan 2, 2013
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So I am in a pub,, and some guy comes in and says "hey...I have a tankful of gas in my Norton. Is it order or disorder?"

"Order, I says...it's energy all nicely compacted...you could use it in many useful ways"

"Naw, he says" and then he blasts off and comes back after running the tank nearly empty. "see, he says, it's disorder, where is the gas? It's scattered all over the universe and the countryside has been warmed up in such a way that I cannot use the energy in any useful way."

I handed him a firecracker. "Is it order or disorder?" I asked.
"order!" he says. Then I lit the fuse, and when it went bang, I said "disorder"

So? In the usual use of systems, do nice compacted buckets of energy in the universe go from order to disorder? Or from disorder to order? I really would like to know....I don't want to be caught in the wrong universe.

Confused in Texas
Nov 11, 2008
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Entropy always increases, from this we establish a direction for time's arrow. You know this, it's the second Law.