Oldie but Goodie...

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Jan 15, 2008
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"Project Charlie"

1975 Norton 850 Commando Mark III e-start

-Started out as a High Rider - really!

Oldie but Goodie...

Oldie but Goodie...

Oldie but Goodie...

My first client build, still my all-time favorite.
Much prettier than mine... :)

Why no front mudguard and what are those two "U" shaped items replacing the mudguard? Have to assume some kind of fork slide stabilizers, so they move together. Can I get a closeup of the fairing mounts? And the kick start lever?
I like it!

That fork brace will help with the Brembo set up, but it almost looks as if it will strike the frame on full compression.

I'm using my own version of the Brembo/floating rotor on my cafe rebuild and picked up a Hyde brace. I understand they are no longer being made. I also will be using a JPN fiberglass fender with it.

It will also have a Brembo rear disc and caliper. I'm almost finished with the brackets. Matches the front caliper/rotor and weighs about 1/3.

Is that a Dunstall fairing? Where did the seat come from?
The fork brace doesn't contact anything on full range of motion.

The front brake is a CNW brembo kit, very nice indeed, if not a touch spendy.

The client didn't want a front fender, so no front fender!

The kickstarter is stock, it looks pretzelized due to the rearset linkages (very ingenious setup) from Clubman.

The fairing side mounts are simple, long "L" brackets, mounted to the frame. I can't take any more pix, as the bike is now living 250 miles from me.

The fairing is a Dunstall replica from GFTP, the seat is from Clubman.
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