oil pipes

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Jun 3, 2005

Can anyone give me a link to a diagram on the correct route for the oil pipes to and from the oil tank? I am rebuilding my bike up after the engine has been restored and can't quite remember what way they were routed over the swinging arm.



Standing on the right, back end of the bike..looking forward

1. Small tube on the back left of the tank(input), goes to left on the filter(output of filter)

2. Right side of filter(Input) , goes up behind tranny, through the cradle, below the adjusting bolt for the primary chain/tranny and up to left on the pump connections on motor,(Output of pump)

3. Large banjo bolt on the back right of the tank, goes down, through a loop of wire that holds it to the frame, loops forward and up, over the isolastics, next to frame and behind the side cover, over the electrical socket and goes down to the right, input to the pump on the motor.

Basically, the large bonjo is the exit of the tank, it feeds the pump, the pump feeds the filter and the filter passes it up to the tank again. A Circle.

Remember that these hoses have to be just long enough to keep them from bending and pinching the oil supply off, make nice smooth curves, but not TOO long.....and that these hoses go some places that tend to cause wear on them....a good idea is to buy some of that coil type shielding to slip over the tubes and keep the tubes from self distructing at an inopportune moment... :wink:

PS...think about what you are doing....If you hook something up wrong, or I have overseen something...neither one of us would be happy....and next time....use a digital camera, BEFORE, you take things apart.... :wink:
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