Oil Painting.

Feb 10, 2009
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Oil Painting.

The work of someone called Mick Craven.
Neither of the above TT.

In fact it was you that introduced me to his work 52 minutes ago ;)

He's definitely a bit tasty with a paintbrush though đź‘Ť
Beautiful work ....i just stole that painting :)
Love that type of art work....nice post đź‘Ť
ÂŁ20 (ÂŁ29.99 with postage) for a limited edition print.
There is something vaguely humorous about the painting. Perhaps it is the romanticized lighting and colours. Or the pristine condition of the parts. All it is missing is a glass of sherry and a cigar.
I see the artist did include a cobweb in the upper left corner - perhaps a nod to how long the engine has been apart?
It also needs a few broken fins, an extra bend in the shifter, hammer bruises on the crankshaft, and some blood from a scraped knuckle on the wrenches. And a spilt can of beer.
Ah nostalgia. It ain't what it used to be.