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Oil leaks on 961 MKII

Discussion in 'Norton Motorcycles (Modern)' started by RKF848, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Clive

    Clive VIP MEMBER

    Jun 9, 2017
    I had the brush assembly in the starter corrode up so had to open it up in situ to get the brushes moving again until it could be replaced. For those who haven't looked there is a seal half way along the starter motor body which from what I can see could easily let damp in and as I have said before I would NEVER jetwash anywhere round here.

    If the starter motor performance drops then it seems to stall and drag the voltage down when initially turning over which I believe caused issues for the ECU. When mine was replaced under warranty the starting was totally transformed.

    PS Don't want to get into the politics of it but Rob has been incredibly helpful sorting some bike issues out for me remotely when I was relying on the bike daily to visit a family member in a distant hospital. He's a modest guy but has a lot of bike maintenance and restoration skills.
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  2. TonyA


    Jan 16, 2015
    Rob has treated me very well also . Thank you.
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  3. Rob Jameson - Norton UK

    Rob Jameson - Norton UK

    Apr 9, 2018
    Clive, Tony - your bribe money is in the post.;)

    Honestly, just doing my job though.
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